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Who are We?

Jordan Andrew, Owner and operator of Happy House Painting Is a third-generation painter. His grandfather and father instilled a hard work ethic, attention to detail, and good communication skills which have given him a great base to build his own painting business today. It is easy to be proud and passionate about your work when you are producing a great product. Before painting homes and businesses Jordan enjoyed building and painting racing sailboats such as the Oracle trimaran that eventually went on to win the Americas cup. Though that was a great experience, Jordan decided to follow his grandfather, father, and brothers’ path of painting residential and commercial properties. There is great satisfaction in being hired to do a job and completing it with a great attitude. when others might shy away due to small profit margin, complex logistics, and long hours, Happy House Painting looks at that challenge and excels away from the competition. Jordan enjoys most all outdoor sports northern California has to offer. He and his brother also like to partake in offroad racing from Baja California to the Oregon coast.

Our Beliefs and Guarantees

Everyday might not be fun in the world of painting contracting, but with the right long term goal in mind Jordan and his team know that the more customers they can make happy and smile the more referrals and business within the community will come. We realize that our continued success relies on your continued satisfaction. Jordan and his team are young and ambitious with high hopes to get a chance of making you and your family very happy. We are committed to completing each project you hire us to do with superior quality and integrity!